About Us


 Our story

 The abbreviation YMUnite  is short for “young mothers unite.”  YMUnite Inc. was created by a group of young mothers who joined together to help/mentor other young mothers in college, planning and achieving educational goals, and facing hardship.  As YMUnite Inc. grew bigger the board members opened up the nonprofit’s  resources and support to not only young mothers but to help all mothers in general. YMUnite, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that focuses on each age range of mothers  to ensure every mother is obtaining the proper resources and support essential  to achieve in life.

  Mission Statement

 Creating a movement of support to assist in the advancement of mothers.

Core Values

Self Empowerment


Assisting in the transition of mothers facing obstacles that are caused by domestic violence, poverty, lack of education, resources, and low self-esteem; by providing support services.

View the Executive Board Members of YMUnite, Inc.

View the Board Members of YMUnite, Inc.