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 Ymunite Inc. cherishes the touch a mother gives to not only their children but also to the world. We value each and every story we hear. We are truly thankful for all of the amazing mothers who allow and trust sharing their stories with us. Please enjoy reading these empowering messages  coming directly from some of our amazing mothers.

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Motivational Message from Mom’s



I sat an contemplated for so long on what my motivational message would be to young mothers. Would I give the right advise? Do I even have things figured out myself? But then I realized none of that really mattered. All I can do is share my experience and share hope and encouragement. I became a young mother at 18, at 22 I became a single young mother. For so long I had thought that my decision would forever have me feeling inferior and hold me back from many opportunities and life experiences but in fact my daughter saved my life. Never did I think that a 6 year old could be my back bone but she is. My daughter has only one parent active parent in her life, ME. As young moms we have a strength that others don’t. We defy the odds, with little to no skills or any idea of what will be, we make the choice to bring these lives into the world and we adapt to the unknown. We sacrifice ourselves and our own wants and needs for a life more precious than our own. I had no help from family or friends, I made it happen because whenI felt like I couldn’t do it or not doing anything at all I had someone who needed me and believed I was everything I thought I wasn’t. I was someone’s superhero and letting her down just wasn’t an option. Stay motivated, keep pushing… there is nothing that we cannot accomplished because we have already beat the odds. We are raising and molding the future all while creating our own. Being a young mother is not a handicap or an obstacle, we have an advantage because we have already done the impossible and we have that much more of a drive because someone depends on us. Nothing is impossible and it should never stop or push off your dreams, our children are our motivation


Mother’s are the center of the universe. We work 24 hour shifts 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We work every single occupation there is from being a nurse, cook, maid, teacher, provider, coach, barber/stylist, clown, friend, sister,lover, and most of all a mother. To be a mother is a special and beautiful thing. Even though times get rough, we know how to over come all obstacles and even make the best out of certain situations.

We can’t ever say our kids go with out because we as moms know how to make things happen for our little ones.To all mother’s out their, first and foremost we are truly blessed to me called a mom. Even though things might happen to where you think you might not be able to over come a situation, don’t stress because there is always a brighter day ahead. Put your best foot forward,stay strong, pray, have faith and keep your head up. God won’t give you to much that you can’t handle, and their is always a clam after every storm. Be the best mother you can be to your kids and for yourself. Let God handle the rest, he always makes things happen.


Being a mother isn’t the easiest but it’s definitely worth it. Being a mother comes with lots of responsibility. I’m a mother of three beautiful children and I’ve had to make sacrifices for them. Children are a blessing from the Lord. There are women who are unable to have children. Therefore I’m thankful

everyday that I’m able to be a mother. It’s painful at times. I’ve cried but I’ve also laughed. Giving up isn’t an option as a mother. Be determined to be the best mother you can be. Children bring so much joy and happiness into our lives and remember to cherish every moment because one day our children will have children. Train your child up the way they should go and when they’re old they will not depart from  it.God bless ALL the mother’s!!


It’s only through Gods grace that I’ve been able to be the mother I am today. Working a full time job, going to school full time, being a full time wife, and being a mother has not been the easiest thing to do at age 23. God has found a way to mold my heart into being a woman of faith and hope. Through that I’ve been able to stay strong and keep going. These things can be tough but its because of the love of God, that I am the woman I am today and I am thankful for everything I have gone through. My past does not define who I am today, but its just a testimony of what

God can do. With God anything is possible. God is love. Also our job as a mother is to raise our kids, to grow up, do the right things, and to follow the steps of what God wants us to do. Our time here on earth is to be spent here for a purpose and that is to do the will of God!


I’m a young mom, I’m 24, and a proud mother of two beautiful kids. I have learned that once you become a mother nothing matters other than my children and myself. I cherish every moment tot he fullest. To add on, I try to make better moments and turn those moments into better years!


My pride and joy, My reasons to continuously strive hard in this life is because of these two. When everyone else have their opinions about me these two see me as superwoman, the best mommy in the world. When I’m down in out these two always find a way to make me smile. Because of these two I am the woman I am today. And I wear my title well “Mommy”.


Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child, But what you’ve gained from having one.